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Price List
 Basic Price: Rs. 34000.00  PMT (-)  Discount (Discount is Variable/Ask For Discount )
 (Basic Price is for size <0> Dia)

Dia Difference Will Be Added In Basic Price (PMT)
 Destinations 8mm  10mm  12mm  16mm  20mm 25mm
   Uttrakhand  7300.00 
      Other than Uttrakahnd  7000.00  5500.00  4000.00  4500.00  4500.00  4500.00  7000.00  7000.00


Price Calculation For Various Destinations:-

Garhwal Region
 Uttrakhand  Kumaon Region
All other states/ Destinations 
Basic Price                                               -Discount                                                +  Dia Diff. + 5% U.K. VAT           = Ex your Shop/ Site Delivery 

 (No Freight will be
 charged up to 50 km,  after that Rs.100.00 pmt per 50km will be charged)

Basic Price                    -Discount                +Dia Diff. 
+ 700.00 pmt (TF)        + 5% U.K. VAT = 
 Ex.your Shop/Site Delivery


Basic Price      - Discount 
+ Dia Diff      + 700.00 pmt (TF) 
 + 5% Delhi VAT = Ex your
 Shop/Site Delivery. 

 Basic Price -
 Discount  + Dia Diff.
 + CST@ 1% (Against
 'C' form) or 5%
 (without 'C' form) + Actual truck freight for  any Destination.

      Notes: 1. Basic Price in inclusive of Excise Duty. Our unit exempted from excise duty.
                      Excise Duty will not reflect on our invoices.
                  2. The above price and differences are changeable, it can be changed at any time      
                      without prior  information.

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installed a induction furnace to produce M.S. Ingots at Hardwar in 2005 with a capacity of 21000 mt per annum.
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