Rukmini Power-XTMT Bar is certainly a store-house of immense durability with immaculate features like high bending ability, high welding ability, high rust-resistance, and high earthquake resistance along with timeless strength. These properties are inherited perfectly during the manufacturing stages wherein the chemical, physical and mechanical composition are accurately measured and imbibed in the bar through the Thermo Mechanical Treatment process, hence giving it the name TMT Bar.

The elaborately designed computer-controlled Manufacturing Plant of Rukmini Iron possesses all the necessary latest and advanced machineries required for the enhanced production of TMT bar with the unique quality of ‘Solid Strength’. Apart from defined techniques for the various stages of manufacture and tests, the prime technology used here is the ultra-sophisticated ‘EVOCON TURBO TECHNOLOGY’, approved for all government projects and DGS & D and SAIL, which gives an extra power, extra strength, extra caliber and extra efficiency to the bars.

This quality-loaded Rukmini Power-X TMT Bar is then cut with the help of ‘Flying Shear’ which gives incredible physical properties to the bar and the thermo-mechanical treatment is uniform throughout. And then the bars are dispatched at your doorstep…literally gift-wrapped with trust !

As Per ISI 1786 : 2008



 Constituents   Permissible Constituents  Maximum
 Variation (+)
 Fe-415      Fe-415D    Fe-500      Fe-500D      Fe-550        Fe-550D      Fe-650D     
Carbon 0.30% 0.25% 0.30% 0.25% 0.30% 0.25% 0.30% 0.020%
Sulphur 0.060% 0.045% 0.055% 0.040% 0.055% 0.040% 0.040% 0.005%
Phosphorus 0.060% 0.045% 0.055% 0.040% 0.055% 0.040% 0.040% 0.005%